What is the definition of a Ts Mistress?

What defines a Ts mistress,

It’s a question which curiously gets asked a lot.
A mistress has many forms,It solely depends what kind of Ts mistress your looking for.

They come in all forms,shapes & sizes,
A Ts mistress is more catered towards the clientele who are more experienced,& are confident in what they crave.

Financial domination is another form of a Ts mistress or goddess.
It’s when any sexual contact is prohibited unless the mistress allows it’s mainly about draining your wallet while you beg for mercy.

Ts Mistress In London

A Ts mistress for sexual pleasures is another popular one. Who will command your at most attention and devotion.
She will expect you to be in complete devotion, Obviously boundaries can be set.
Depends how brave you really are.

Being a slave to your Ts mistress in London or a servant isn’t a easy call, first do your own work and find out if it’s for you.
Then again since your searching and reading this blog.

It seems your already intrigued.