being a lover of a ts escort

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Relationship with a woman is sexually simple.

Male top woman is in passive role.Everything is clear.
Of course, there are various fantasies, but simple on the basis.

But things can get more complicated when it comes to dating a Ts escort
In this article, we will cover the issue of being a lover with a ts escort.

Trans are in the form of women in spirit and body, but they have a penis.
This difference is naturally reflected in their sexual lives.

Although the anus region is used as a channel for sexual intercourse,
it is not a “direct” relationship region. Transsexuals ejaculate from their penis just like men
. So even though they feel like a woman spiritually,
they may want to use their penis during sexual intercourse.
(Not for all but in general) In such a situation,
the person who will be dating to a transsexual may not have to set strict rules for himself.
Socially, the male takes on his own role and the transsexsual is a female.
But when you are dating with a trans you should know her sexual desires and what she can do.
You should not be afraid of her penis. This is the problem that transsexuals experience most in bed with their lovers.
When a guy become lovers, they often forget the fact that they have a penis.

They try not to look at the penis during sex, or transsexsuals prefer not to remove their underwear,
so as not to show their penis while having sex.
In fact, this counterpart is actually humiliating.A person must accept the person he loves as he is.
Your ts lover should be able to be top in bed if she wants to.

her penis penetration into you will not make you a woman, or it wont make her a male. This is just a sexual intercourse.
At the end of the night, your TS lover will sleep like a woman in your arms. It will address you as “my man”.
Satisfying the sexually opposite party will lead to a healthier and stronger relationship.

Let your lover be bottom if she wants to be top at that moment.
Don’t be shy about this. Remember, sex is good when you lift borders.

Be open minded and understanding in all matters with your TS lover. When necessary,
being bottom to her,will make both parties satisfied. just enjoy your transwomen.