What awaits you from a Ts escort.

Like with any new experience apprehension & nervousness play a part. You need not worry because you’re dealing with professional ts escorts. Just take your time and explain in details what kind of shemale fantasy or experience your After. It’s always a great idea to mention your a first timer so your needs can be … Read more

Picking the Perfect Transsexual Escort in London

Transsexual escorts London

Pick your Transsexual Escort in London Nearly everyone has a Social media account,Especially  transsexual escorts in london. Which makes it easier for you to make your pick. Google her name I’m sure if she is a good as she says. You will surely find some reviews on her. Which will save you money and time … Read more

Visiting Shemale escort dressed as a crossdresser.

visiting a shemale escort as a crossdresser As with any fantasy. Watch some crossdressing porn and if turns you on then obviously you’re into it. Great then drive straight in speak to the shemale escort and confirm first if she caters to cross dressing client because not all shemale do. It’s not common but for … Read more


GROUP SEX WİTH SHEMALES Group sex has always been interesting among sexual relationships. Because people tend to have different experiences about sex. The group sex is one of them. So how about group sex with shemales? Have you considered group sex experience with transvestites, with which you can interact both actively and passively? If you … Read more


Why does a man want to surrender? What are the interesting aspects of dominant transvestites? Is it pleasant for your partner to lead you actively or passively? Being a slave is a beloved situation in sex. The person completely submits himself to his partner and puts pressure on him. The dominant side is the person … Read more

being lover of a ts escort

Relationship with a woman is sexually simple. Male top woman is in passive role.Everything is clear. Of course, there are various fantasies, but simple on the basis. But things can get more complicated when it comes to dating a Ts escort In this article, we will cover the issue of being a lover with a … Read more

What is the definition of a Ts Mistress ?

Ts mistress in london

What defines a Ts mistress, It’s a question which curiously gets asked a lot. A mistress has many forms,It solely depends what kind of Ts mistress your looking for. They come in all forms,shapes & sizes, A Ts mistress is more catered towards the clientele who are more experienced,& are confident in what they crave. … Read more